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Tableify anything

Open any data source as a live-updating Table, or push data direct from your application.

Search & analyze

Lightning fast exploration, search and analytics, with an intuitive UI and supercharged formula.

Share & collab

Goodbye Sales_v3_final2.xlsx, hello collaboration and results that are as easy as sharing a URL.

Your data, optimized for exploration

Remember when Excel put data in the hands of everyone? And then data needs grew… and now it seems you need a team to do just about anything. Tably puts data back in your hands. From basic data exploration to sophisticated data pipelines, Tably makes data accessible to everyone.

Thoughtfully designed APIs

Whether you're “no-code” or “know-code”, we've worked hard to make your integration as straightforward as possible.

  • 150+ easy-to-use import and export wizards
  • Or push data direct from your application
  • Export your data as simply as adding .csv to the URL
  • 1-click code generation coming soon
  • Sample code and examples coming soon
  • SDKs coming soon
  • Real-time streaming APIs
const tably = require('tably')('BQokikJOvBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2');

const usageTable = tably('me/usage');

// Push a record to a table.
await usageTable.push({
    user_id: 1337,
    event: 'navigation'
    action: 'click',
    msg: 'hero_cta'

// Subscribe to an SQL query.
const sub = usageTable.sql("
 select msg, count(*)
 group by msg
 where event = 'navigation'
 and action = 'click'
 and age(*) < 1 day
for await ((const table, const change) of sub) {

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