Our mission is to make data accessible to everyone.

Tably is a technology company that builds tooling to make working with data easy and productive. We believe that user experience is primary, and we leverage fundamental research to craft tooling that both empowers and delights.

Opportunity cost

Over 80% of data projects are spent on repetitive preparatory tasks. Iteration cycles are often days or weeks, multiple skill sets are demanded, and resulting pipelines incur ongoing maintenance costs. Business decision makers are separated from the data itself. Meanwhile data accumulates, incurring cost while simultaneously going underutilised. For these and other reasons, we believe data projects are unfortunately often of net negative value to businesses.

We believe there is a better way. We believe tooling that is fast, flexible, powerful, and most importantly accessible to everyone, is not only possible but necessary as the world grows increasingly reliant upon data. We believe the opportunity cost of the inexistence of such tooling to be of the order of half a trillion dollars per annum.

A stack optimised for productivity

Tably brings fundamental advances to a platform meticulously crafted to maximize your data productivity.

Radically accessible
Intuitive Web App
Powerful Integrations
Developer-centric SDKs
Fully managed end-to-end solution
Integrated PaaS
Data exploration
Data sharing
Full observability
Underpinned by the right fundamentals
Built with the right technologies
Granular access control
Full table history
Fork & merge
Columnar analytics
Separation of data & compute scaling
Differential dataflow
Wherever you need it

Fundamentally innovative

Performance matters because your time matters. The state of the art wasn’t performant enough for us — so we created technology that is.

We are making fundamental innovations beyond the state of the art in:

  • Streaming SQL
  • Differential dataflow
  • Distributed data warehousing
  • Collaborative editing

We leverage cutting-edge technologies including:

  • Rust
  • Wasm
  • Differential dataflow
  • CRDTs

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